Fais Do Do (A Cajun Lullaby)

Mike P. Ryan



An old shotgun cabin sits on concrete blocks

Where the cypress trees are thick with Spanish Moss

And the black bayou water shines in the bright Cajun moon

She sweeps broken bottles up off of the floor

And she picks up the pieces of an old screen door

That he kicked off the hinges earlier that afternoon

She sits on the porch in an old rocking chair

And she holds that baby tight

She sings soft and low as she strokes his fine hair

And her Cajun lullaby fades into the night


She sings Fais do-do mon cherie; darling don’t you cry

Fais do-do mon sha bebe; you’re the apple of my eye


She’s young and pretty just like her mother

And just like her Daddy her man found another

Woman to drink and to lie with night after night

Now she sits in the dark and she don’t understand

Why instead of his lips she gets the back of his hand

And why every conversation turns into a fight

And she’d pack up and leave if she had a choice,

But the truth is there’s nowhere to go

So she sings to that baby in her gentle voice

And she rocks back and forth as the tears start to flow  (CHORUS)


When he gets sober he swears “never again”

But she knows by now his promises

Are just cigarette smoke blown into the wind


When she walks by he mirror now she turns away

Cause the lines around her eyes they get deeper each day

And she’s starting to see the face her mother took to her grave

Sometimes when she just can’t take any more

She curses alone in the dark the dark

Goddamn this life and goddamn this man

Who leaves me with this baby and this broken heart  (CHORUS)

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