Darkness Falls (Anna Catherine's Song)

MIke P. Ryan



Day surrenders to the shadows

Night wraps me in its indigo embrace

Spirits of your love and laughter

Haunt the crumbling walls of this old place

I hear your gentle whisper in the plaster and the wood

Dusty shelves and empty rooms remind me

That you’re gone for good

So I lay me down to sleep with ghosts and memories

As darkness falls


You reached into a crowded heart

And gave me all the love you could find

Your arms were always open

Even with a world of worry on your mind

I was just a boy back then; nowhere near a man

The burdens of a mother on her own I did not understand

But the sadness in your smile makes sense to me now

As darkness falls


Thunder shakes a rusty roof of tin

Weathered clapboard trembles in the wind

Rivers rise and red dirt turns to mud

More and more I fear I’ll be taken by the flood

When darkness falls


I try to find the rhythm in the days

But nothing’s been the same

Since we stood out in the prairie wind

and prayed beside a stone that bears your name

With Hail Mary Full of Grace we said our last goodbyes

And we laid you down to rest beneath the Oklahoma sky

Now the star that used to guide my way is gone

As darkness falls


You said God’s eyes stay open every day

But I swear he must have closed them tight

When he took you away

Rivers rise and red dirt turns to mud

More and more I fear I’ll be taken by the flood

When darkness falls

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