MIke P. Ryan



Day surrenders to the shadows

Night wraps me in its indigo embrace

Spirits of your love and laughter

Haunt the crumbling walls of this old place

I hear your gentle whisper in the plaster and the wood

Dusty shelves and empty rooms remind me

That you’re gone for good

So I lay me down to sleep with ghosts and memories

As darkness falls


You reached into a crowded heart

And gave me all the love you could find

Your arms were always open

Even with a world of worry on your mind

I was just a boy back then; nowhere near a man

The burdens of a mother on her own I did not understand

But the sadness in your smile makes sense to me now

As darkness falls


Thunder shakes a rusty roof of tin

Weathered clapboard trembles in the wind

Rivers rise and red dirt turns to mud

More and more I fear I’ll be taken by the flood

When darkness falls


I try to find the rhythm in the days

But nothing’s been the same

Since we stood out in the prairie wind

and prayed beside a stone that bears your name

With Hail Mary Full of Grace we said our last goodbyes

And we laid you down to rest beneath the Oklahoma sky

Now the star that used to guide my way is gone

As darkness falls


You said God’s eyes stay open every day

But I swear he must have closed them tight

When he took you away

Rivers rise and red dirt turns to mud

More and more I fear I’ll be taken by the flood

When darkness falls

Mike P. Ryan



An old shotgun cabin sits on concrete blocks

Where the cypress trees are thick with Spanish Moss

And the black bayou water shines in the bright Cajun moon

She sweeps broken bottles up off of the floor

And she picks up the pieces of an old screen door

That he kicked off the hinges earlier that afternoon

She sits on the porch in an old rocking chair

And she holds that baby tight

She sings soft and low as she strokes his fine hair

And her Cajun lullaby fades into the night


She sings Fais do-do mon cherie; darling don’t you cry

Fais do-do mon sha bebe; you’re the apple of my eye


She’s young and pretty just like her mother

And just like her Daddy her man found another

Woman to drink and to lie with night after night

Now she sits in the dark and she don’t understand

Why instead of his lips she gets the back of his hand

And why every conversation turns into a fight

And she’d pack up and leave if she had a choice,

But the truth is there’s nowhere to go

So she sings to that baby in her gentle voice

And she rocks back and forth as the tears start to flow  (CHORUS)


When he gets sober he swears “never again”

But she knows by now his promises

Are just cigarette smoke blown into the wind


When she walks by he mirror now she turns away

Cause the lines around her eyes they get deeper each day

And she’s starting to see the face her mother took to her grave

Sometimes when she just can’t take any more

She curses alone in the dark the dark

Goddamn this life and goddamn this man

Who leaves me with this baby and this broken heart  (CHORUS)

Mike P. Ryan



This old town ain’t what it used to be and neither am I

Oil used to flow like water but the wells have run bone dry

The rigs and pipes are rusted; my old friends are gone

I’m broke down and busted but I keep hanging on


Waiting for a the light of day

Hoping for some cosmic karma sign

The turning of the wheel; the whole redemption deal

A prayer to ease the pain of being left behind

Left behind -- left behind


2 years ago you packed your car and said goodbye to me

I tried but couldn’t be the man you wanted me to be

Some nights the bourbon talks me into dialing up your phone

I let you say hello then I let well enough alone    (CHORUS)


Nightfall spreads across the flatland

A lonesome quarter moon hangs in the sky

In the dark the prairie looks just like the ocean

I wish that I could drift away on a rising tide


The south wind pins the tumbleweeds against the barbed wire fence

We’re stranded here together; no love no recompense

Somewhere out there the lucky ones they chase their dreams each day

The rest of us just bide our time and try to find our way   (CHORUS)

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